Models and designers. Photo:
Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Project Kuya founder and designer Robin Uata.
(L–R) Tailor Cooperative Co-founders Chase Murdock and Adam Malmborg and Personal Tailor Eduardo Xavier offer from-scratch suit tailoring to achieve the perfect fit.
Ayana Ifè. Photo: @clancycoop
Rosa Naday Garmendia, Rituals of Commemoration, as shown at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art for The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be (2017). Courtesy of UMOCA.
Photo: Jessica Bundy @jessicabundyphoto | Model and HMUA: Kristina Olsen @krissykiss | Location: Studio MG
Photo: Heidi Gress @hmgproductions | Model: Ashtyn Bradley @ashtyn_tate | HMUA: Amber Pearson @hairbya_pear | Location: Clubhouse SLC @clubhouseslc
Photo: Heidi Gress @hmgproductions | Model: Donat Mouélé @thedonat | Location: Clubhouse SLC @clubhouseslc | HMUA: Amber pearson @hairbya_pear
Photo: Jessica Bundy @jessicabundyphoto Model: Chaunsey L. Hildebrandt HMUA: Chausney L. Hildebrandt @chaunseyhildebrandt Location: Studio MG