This week’s blog features an interview with Alex Jorgenson of Salt Lake City’s relatively new Moon of Delirium, a rundown of shows happening this week, exclusive CD reviews from Necronoclast, Evoken/Beneath the Frozen Soil, Woebegone Obscured and Tankard. Also in the blog is a link to download a free EP from Season of Mist recording artist The Southern Cross.

Tonight at Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Comcast hosts, Truce, Breaux and Muckracker. $5 gets you in, tunes underway around 9 p.m.

Friday night the Shred Shed will be getting its heavy on with Gaza, Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire, Transient and Elitist. If you need to figure out where the Shred Shed is jump on the ole internet and look it up on Facebook.

Saturday at Club Vegas get a fix of local metal from Epsilon Minus, Blessed of Sin, Visions of Decay, Reaction Effect and Face the Tempest. $5 gets you in, music underway around 8 p.m.

Monday night Feb. 28, Club Vegas (21+) is hosting one massive night of metal. Old school American death metal stalwarts Malevolent Creation are headlining with support from Full Blown Chaos, The Absence, Havok, Beyond Terror Beyond Grace. Also returning after a long absence are locals Cave of Rose,s as well as Red Locust opening up the show. Tickets are $12 in advance, $15 at the door, and music should be underway early around 8 p.m.

Season of Mist is offering a free download of The Southern Cross’ EP I Carry the Fire as a nice little preview of their upcoming full-length album. This is full-on southern groove metal ala Pantera, and the EP can be downloaded here:

Moon of Delirium interview
SLUG: How would you best describe the sound of your band to someone who has never 
heard it before?

Alex Jorgenson: Well, I came to the conclusion recently that sub-genres are a bit boring, so I feel it is accurate to describe it as "Dark Metal" even though it may even go beyond that. So with the term Dark Metal it can describe multiple influences such as doom metal, black metal, drone, post rock, prog, or whatever else we come up with. We are also very open to doing weirder stuff in the future like Dead Can Dance or even obscure folk music. As long as the music is good, why not?

The goal is for the music to be as limitless as possible. I think music and art should be without limits, so that is the general idea. I don't see any other point in doing it otherwise. It's somewhat challenging keeping that uniqueness with all the millions of bands out there, but it can be done. That’s what we're hoping to do with this band. 

: Do you have any recorded material available to buy/purchase/listen to? If so where can people pick it up/hear it? Do you have any recording plans?

Jorgenson: We posted some rehearsal tracks online recently as a preview of our debut album. These songs can be heard either on our Facebook site ( or at Recording for the debut album is planned for early spring. 

SLUG: What is the mental mindset of your band? Basically, what is your band trying to convey to listeners? 

Jorgenson: Moon of Delirium is partial reflection of myself and the path I have walked through life. It is also focused on subjects relating to the paranormal, occult, and mysteries that are still unanswered. For about the last 5 to 10 years I have been extremely fascinated in these subjects and have studied many different areas in this field. A lot of people are waking up to the more obscure things out there which is really cool.

The future is crazy shit I mean hell, I remember in the ‘80s as a kid all these sci-fi films and now it seems a lot of that is coming true in the world. New discoveries are starting to reveal that the ancient past and our history is not what we were taught to believe. We also have some songs relating to life and death, inner struggles, and all that weird stuff. Inspirations comes in many forms. I don't see the inspiration running out anytime soon.