SLUG: What artists and DJs are paving the way in the industry right now?
DJ Loczi: I’m a big fan of Radiohead, David Gray, Ray LaMontage, Afrojack, Nero, Adele, Massive Attack, D. Ramirez, Mark Knight, Groove Armada, Thievery Corporation, Kid Cudi, Living Legends, Tech-9, Rebelution, Madd Maxx, Kadeve, Seeforyourself, Mic Rob and the Icon Collective.

SLUG: Is there anyone who you think is about to blow up?
DJ Loczi: Madd Maxx, Kadeve, Seeforyourself, Mic Rob and Through The Roots.

SLUG: Who are your biggest influences, in terms of other DJs? Why?
DJ Loczi: DJ Shadow because he’s not afraid to push boundaries.  Q-Bert because he widens boundaries and Doc Martin because he showed me how to really build up a crowd and take them on a journey.

SLUG: What’s your favorite song right now?
DJ Loczi: I really like Awooga by Calvin Harris and Electric Dream by DJ Loczi and David Alexander.
SLUG: Do you have any other projects you are working on?
DJ Loczi: I’m a guest lecturer at the #1 electronic music production college, “Icon Collective” (, I’m an official instructor for the world’s premier online DJ University ( and I am the founder and CEO of earWAX music group that has a record label, a publishing house and an entertainment division.  I’m working on a remix album, a solo, fully produced, album and a new mix-cd that will be released at MGM Grand with Electric Dream.

SLUG: What would you like to accomplish in your music career?
DJ Loczi: I want to make music that connects with people on an emotional level, and I want to help others unlock and connect with their own abilities to create, for both themselves and others, in an honest and powerful way.

SLUG: What is your biggest accomplishment so far?
DJ Loczi: My beautiful family, but within the industry it has been learning how to both follow my passion and work with positive individuals that are traveling the same path, communicating on the same plane, having dreams and passions that correlate with my own.  The music industry can be treacherous, so I am proud of navigating the waters enough to be surrounded by some of the most intelligent, positive, genuinely good hearted, hard working, happy people in the industry.  I am able to support my family through my passion and I wake up everyday grateful for the opportunity to do what I love, for and with the people I love. –Jessie Wood