Since 2006, the three-member group The Glitch Mob has been blowing minds and melting faces all over the world. Last year they played Salt Lake City for V2’s Get Freaky in front of a massive crowd of over 700 people. They were also recently at Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, where I got to catch a little bit of their performance. With their new EP, We Can Make the World Stop, due out on July 12, The Glitch Mob has been endlessly promoting and touring all over the country. 


On July 1 The Glitch Mob visited Salt Lake City once again and took the crowd to a realm of pure bass. The packed show was amazing and the group out-did themselves with the production.  Aerial acrobatics by Selkie kept the crowd captivated throughout their set. Opening act R/D set the mood for The Glitch Mob with his seductive beats and mesmerizing on-the-fly mixes that had me in awe during his entire performance. The energy from the stage flowed over the crowd like a waterfall of bass. Before The Glitch Mob and R/D’s mind blowing sets, I was lucky enough to sit down with the three members of The Glitch Mob, Ed Ma (Edit), Justin Boreta (Boreta) and Josh Mayer (Ooah) to talk about their upcoming EP and their live show. 



SLUG: I saw some of your set at EDC, what was playing EDC like for you guys?

Edit: That was probably one of our biggest shows—definitely top five.

The cool thing about Insomniac is they don’t hold back on production, so for us it’s the best way to experience our music.


SLUG: You guys are known for your light shows and huge production, what do you say to people who call it cheesy or a gimmick?

Edit: There’s always going to be haters, we’re just trying to put on the best show that we can, if that’s cheesy to someone that’s fine.

Boreta: It gives people a way into the music. It can actualize the

Edit: It’s all a part of the creative process, it’s an art form in itself to come up with the stage set up we have. Hopefully tonight we’ll be able to get people lost in the music, it’s a part of the experience


SLUG: Tell me a little about We Can Make the World Stop, it’s releasing July 12.

Boreta: We wanted to write some music to continue the vision that we had with the Drink the Sea record. It’s kind of a continuation of that, but it’s also experiments and all sort of different things, textures and feelings from the record. You can tell it’s us, but it doesn’t sound like that album at all, it’s really just the next step in what it is we’re doing.


SLUG: With your last album, I understand that you were trying to tell a story, did you guys do the same with this new EP? 

Edit: I think that’s just kind of the case with all our music in general. It always just starts with an emotion or a feeling. We’re always essentially just trying to tell a story with our music. How do you tell a story without words and lyrics? That’s  something that as The Glitch Mob we’re always going for.