The Broship has set sail, and if you don’t jump on board now, you’re likely to be left behind. On Saturday, March 11, Broship representation will be in full effect at the Urban Lounge with SLC heavy hitting rock n’ rollers Loom and Jesust, plus hip hop openers Green Haus Effect. $5 gets you in.


Mark Wursten – Guitar, vocals
Bacon – Drums
Andrew “Poops” Baez – Bass
Donny Miller – Guitar

Before the fateful summer night in 2009 when Mark Wursten and his fellow rock n’ roller known only as Bacon, founding members of Jesust, took a bunch of acid and jammed out some “stoner rock and Black Sabbath wannabe” riffs, they had spent more than enough time packed into a van together touring with their previous band, Clifton. They weren’t exactly fond of each other back then. “Mark was a fucking nerd,” says Bacon—but they formed an unlikely and unholy bond as other members of Clifton moved away from the narcotic allures of rock n’ roll and toward the saving, uptight grace of the son of God via the Rock Church.
“We were the main people who smoked weed together,” says Bacon. “We didn’t get along, but we’d say, ‘Hey man, want to smoke a bowl?’”

Not to make these stone cold champions of Utah stoner metal sound overly sentimental, but as their old friends and band mates shifted in another, more self-righteous direction and the band abruptly ended, Wursten and Bacon bummed hard. They mourned the death of rock n’ roll in their lives which, along with a slew of other unlucky events, left them feeling empty.

“We were kind of just left with this void in our lives,” says Wursten. “That was the whole motivation (for starting Jesust). I just needed to do something new. Everything else in my life had gone to shit.

And who was responsible for that void, for the lives turned shitty? Why, organized religion was. The way Wursten tells the story, one of the suddenly religious members of Clifton sat him down and said, “Unless Jesus is your personal savior, we can’t be friends anymore.”

Their homies had been tainted by and lost to the blood of the lamb, never to be resurrected. They had been “jesused.”  Tacking the letter T on to the end of the word because, of course, a T can easily be turned into an upside down cross, our heroes had a name for their project. Using a veritable library of previously written but unused riffs and drawing influence from the demise of their last band, they knew exactly what they wanted to share with their fans.

The message is simple, explains Bacon: “Fuck Jesus. Smoke Weed.”

“Yeah, just live your fucking life. Don’t be such a judgmental fuck,” adds Wursten.

But the dudes in Jesust aren’t just relying on their bitterness toward the religious establishment (which is evident by the upside down cross on Wursten’s guitar) and their fondness for tetrahydrocannabinol to carry their work. Their musicianship and songwriting are mature and tight, influenced heavily by the likes of Eyehategod, Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity and Danzig.

Last year, Jesust finished their debut EP, Smokin’ Wisdom, with the help of heavy hitting Salt Lake metal and hardcore producer Andy Patterson. The record is available for free download online (, and they hope to get into the studio by spring, once they have had time to really perfect their songs.

“I want to be able to take our time a little bit more on the next (album),” says Wursten.  “If we called it good right now we’d be selling ourselves short on the songs we’ve written. I think there are some things that need to be taken apart and rearranged.”

Fans of solid stoner metal with southern rock influences can hear both old and new tunes on Friday, March 11 at SLUG’s Localized. Be careful if you have a job interview or visit with your probation officer coming up. After seeing these dudes play live, you probably won’t be able to pass the drug test.