Many people live by certain routines and rituals––for snowboarders, it’s a day of riding followed by cheap food and a few cheap brews. On the commute back from any canyon toward the downtown area, options are aplenty, but one of the favorite stops used to be a little place called Aspen––I mean, Davanza’s. Here you could grab a cheap slice of pizza, toss back a couple PBRs and reminisce about all the cool shit that went down on the ole sled hill or just watch some football. Unfortunately, that place was taken from us. Now, it’s back and better than ever as Spedelli’s thanks to the new owners and local snowboarders, Mac and Sam Spedale.

Spedelli’s is a must stop on the route home. Although some things haven’t changed from its predecessor, many things have, including the interior, which now sports the art of Dave Doman, Alex McAdoo and others. The menu still rocks heavy on pizza, but Spedelli’s has more to offer, including sandwiches, salads and Happy Endings (what they call the dessert menu). For those of you who enjoy Canadian cuisine (hosers, ey!) they also serve delicious poutine, French fries and gravy. For the alcoholics out there, Spedelli’s offers several beers on tap (served in pints, schooners and pitchers) or in the bottle (high point, please). I have heard rumors of a liquor license, but since the DABC is a bunch of Debbie Downers, I’m not really sure that can happen at this juncture. Either way, it’s still a great place to sip and watch the Buffalo Bills game (their team, not mine).

Warm food, cold beer and a relaxed atmosphere is what makes Spedelli’s worth checking out. If you find yourself at 2352 Foothill Drive, be sure to stop in and show some support. It’s a dog-eat-dog world and the little guys need your loyalty, and more importantly, your hard earned cash! Maybe if you’re lucky, you can get yourself a free moustache ride after your meal.

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