Desert Edge Brewery at The Pub
602 S. 500 W. at Trolley Square
Mon-Wed. 11 A.M. - Midnight
Thurs-Fri. 11 A.M. - 1 A.M.
Sat. 11:30 A.M. - 1 A.M.
Sun. 12 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Appealing to business professionals, casual eaters and college students on a budget, “The Pub,” as it is also known, is a great casual-dining gastro-pub that caters to a clientele as diverse as its menu.

Opened in 1973, The Pub is considered a Salt Lake original and has kept its loyal following by staying true to its “from scratch” recipes, casual vibe and continuing its tradition of award-winning craft brews. Another hold-over from the more stringent and regulated era of Utah Liquor laws that actually works very well for The Pub is the division of the restaurant into two different dining areas. There is a more industrial, open-air seating area that wraps around the bar, with concrete floors and a more spirited social experience. The other dining area is more “family friendly,” with boothed seating, carpeted floor and is a touch quieter, but the flow of the restaurant does not limit the two from interacting and does not attempt to. As you walk from one area to another, you can see the change in patrons’ ages and attire, and hear the tone in conversations shift, allowing for two completely different dining and drinking experiences—both of which are wonderful. A third option, which was closed during my visit, but will be opening as the weather improves, is the patio area, which is a wonderful blend of both worlds. There is nothing better than a summer brunch on the patio, having The Pub’s seasonal Summertime Kristalweizen draft with the Black Bean & Goat Cheese Quesadilla ($6.50), or the sun warming your face while snacking on the Bruschetta ($6.50) with fresh mozzarella and The Pub’s tomato-basil balsamic salsa.

Speaking of drinking! The Pub is not short on beer options. With a respectable draft menu,and, more importantly, the ever-changing seasonal offerings, you can always find a great beer to soak your coaster. If you are in a pickle and can’t decide on what to drink, order the sampler tray ($5.50 for eight 1.5 oz samples) to get a tasting of The Pub staples as well as the seasonal brews. As a general observation, you will probably notice that none of the beers available at The Pub are “over-the-top,” quadruple IPA, punch-you-in-the-face, high-gravity beers. Instead, the brewers at The Pub focus on lower-alcohol, high-craft offerings with a much more drinkable tone, which lets you drink without being overpowered and enhances your food rather than dominates it. Once you pick your poison, you can order a glass ($3.50), true pint ($4.50), pitcher ($9.50) or the ever-popular growler ($3.50 to purchase the growler, $7.95 to fill) to go.