SLC International Airport
Terminal 2 – Between Concourses D&E
Mon.– Sun. 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

An “Oasis in the Desert” is quite possibly the most apt description for Vino Volo Ale House, now open in the SLC International Airport. With the collaborative efforts of the Vino Volo franchise and the Squatter's brand, Utah now boasts:

–The flagship airport wine/beer collaboration of Vino Volo's 18 locations.

–The premier, upscale restaurant destination at Salt Lake City International Airport.

–A marque statement of the quality of Utah breweries and boozy acumen to skeptic travelers.

–The only positive reason to get to the airport two, maybe three, hours early.

–Utah is a desert, and liquor is “Oasis in the Desert.”

Salt Lake Brewing Co. co-founders Peter Cole and Jeff Polychronis (of Squatter's fame) have partnered with Vino Volo visionary Doug Tomlinson to bring a new twist to Vino Volo's revolutionary concept of upscale food and wine options to the jet-set. The merging of these two business models, Vino Volo's airport dining/wine experience with Squatter's brew-pub expertise and familiarity with Utah DABC regulations, results in an experience that puts us, the patron, as the greatest benefactor of the pairing.
Despite the upscale wine-lounge atmosphere, Vino Volo Ale House (VVAH) makes every aspect of the experience educational and approachable. There is no reason to hesitate in asking the knowledgable staff for information, options and pairing suggestions.

The atmosphere of the space is incredibly inviting, energetic and bright as well. With two full service bars and dining that accommodates 75-plus, it is a perfect size to handle the flow of airport traffic and keep people moving while also allowing a respite for weary travelers and those looking to take the edge off before a flight. Vanessa Chang, of Bacon Creative in Salt Lake, noted that walking into VVAH almost feels like you've “stepped into another city.” Part of her feelings are evident with the contemporary take on Western/Mountain styling, but more jarring to my sensitized Utah eyes is the celebratory nature of the wine and beer offerings, which are incorporated into the wall niches all around you. There is no “Zion-Curtain” at VVAH, and the staff makes no apologies for it!