Skating, moshing and going to Pie Hole for refreshments in between bands were just a few of the elements that made this show and that whole night so unforgettable. My friends went Downtown early so they could buy their tickets and we made a pre-game stop at the Pie Hole to get some water.

After they started letting people in, I noticed that the first band wouldn’t be on for another hour, so my friend Landon and I filled in that 60 minutes with skateboarding the Downtown area. We got back just when Problem Daughter were getting on the stage and started to play “There is No Pepe Silvia.” There were about 20 to 30 people already at the show, with very little movement, but a lot of singing from their many devoted fans. During the song “Low Ceilings,” my friends thought there’d be enough moshing to do between the five of us and started pushing each other. Other than that, there was no movement whatsoever from the crowd, but people still enjoyed their music, even though they didn’t play any of their older stuff. My friend, Landon, was to do an interview with them and went to talk to them after their set to make sure they were still on after the show, which they were.

The rest of my friends went to Pie Hole while I stayed behind and talked to my punk rocker friends. We had fun talking about whom the local bands might be covering this year for Punk Rock Halloween and how Problem Daughter had been steering clear of playing their older tunes for the past few shows. When The Copyrights started playing, we went in and there were more people there, but still no movement from the audience. My friends and I hung around the back of the audience and proceeded to shove each other, which quickly escalated to grabbing each other and running into other people and the wall until we knocked off one of the paintings, but the owner came by, smiled, and took the painting to a safer area, and we continued to mosh. It was just us moshing for the majority of their set, but then at the very end, we finally got more people to join us in our dance.

After that mayhem, we decided take a walk through Gallivan Center and come back around to the Shred Shed just in time for Bottlerocket. When we got back to the Shred Shed, it sounded like the next band was already playing, but it wasn’t Bottlerocket—I was confused because the drummer had Bottlerocket’s logo on his bass drum and I knew no other bands were playing tonight. It was The Queers! For whatever reason, they came on before Bottlerocket, but I didn’t care, didn’t ask questions and just moshed. The pits were a lot more consistent during The Queers’ set—I think because the main band was playing and a lot more people were getting excited … and the excitement flourished throughout the entire set that exploded with classics like “Noodlebrain,” “Monster Zero” and “See Ya Later Fuckface,” but shit really started to go crazy when they closed out their set with a cover of the Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” People were stomping so hard in the circle pit—I thought that the ground was going to cave in … it didn’t, but I definitely felt it rumbling. I had my time in the circle pit and stepped out, but only to feel my friend Konrad jump onto my back, forcing me to go back into the pit with both of us screaming at the top of our lungs “Sheena is … a punk rocker! Sheena is … a punk rocker now!”