By Astara

“I am the daughter of generations pastAnd child of unknown time—Egypt and the Pyramids.”
– Ruth St. Denis

Watching Shasha dance is like seeing a vision from 1001 Arabian Nights or observing a dancing priestess from ancient Egypt. She is a beautiful, talented and ethereal being who creates a classical old world essence on stage. Her choreography is intoxicating and joyous. Her persona is seductive, sensuous and playful. A deep inner beauty shines on her audiences and enhances her dynamic solos. When Shasha dances, she lights up the stage with her presence. Shasha, a native Utahn, grew up in Salt Lake City. Her ravishing Mediterranean beauty is a gift from her Italian mother and her French/Portuguese father. With no previous dance training, she began belly dancing at age 18. “I had pulled into a Rainbow gas station and just happened to look across the street. It was the old Kismet studio on 9th East, and there was a sign advertising belly dance classes in the window. I knew I had to do that,” she said.

Shasha began her training with Kismet, then went on to study for eight years with Ravonda and also danced in Veiled Visions. It was there that she met Katya and Virrina, and the three of them created Whirlwinds of Brogla. They have been dancing together for the past four years, are very close friends and are one of the mainstays of the belly dance community. Shasha has also been a regular performer at the Beledi of Boise where she watched Delilah dance, and attended her workshops. It is Delilah’s earthy, sensuous and passionate style that inspired Shasha’s solo work. “I really love Egyptian cabaret because of the sparkles and glamour, but I also love Turkish [dance]. It has more freedom and movement. I come from a very shy and quiet family, and I often find it difficult to express my feelings with words; it is very easy and natural to communicate my deepest feelings through dance. My solo work is always improvised. I just love to feel the music and let it move me.” Shasha said.

Offstage, Shasha is a wife, mother of two and an automobile technician. This gorgeous, ultra-feminine woman and her husband rebuild car engines! She is quite remarkable, and although she is quiet and unassuming offstage, she has a fabulous smile that would melt any ice cap. She has nothing to be shy about. Shasha, a naturally gifted dancer, has evolved into an adept professional artist with a tantalizing and sweetly seductive articulation of the dance.“Belly dancing became a way for me to find something out about myself. I had to dig deep to get there. I still get stage fright before every performance, but everyone gets butterflies—I just try to teach my butterflies to fly in formation.” she said.

Come see Shasha perform at Café Med the last Thursday of every month and once a month at the Grecian Gardens and Cruzers. She will also be dancing at Spring Fest in March 2007.