Rob Rutledge. Photo: John Barkiple
(L–R) Uinta Head of Research and Development Isaac Winter and Brewmaster Tanael Escartín synthesize creative brew ideas for large-scale craft beer output. Photo:
Brian Coleman’s IPA output at 2 Row Brewing demonstrates his hoptitude in the form. Photo: Talyn Sherer.
(L–R) Rob Phillips, Chris Haas and Josh Stern proudly presented the opening of the RoHa Brewing Project taproom in April. Photo: Talyn Sherer.
Head Brewer Michael Dymowski aims for nuance and drinkability, layered with malt or hop depth, for Strap Tank’s releases. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros.
With delicious brews, a farm-to-table gastropub menu and an excellent team, Owner Ginger Bowden makes clear that Vernal Brewing Company is a must-visit in Vernal, Utah. Photos by Chris & Sylvia Hollands.
(L–R) Christina Lam and Candice Bahe already knew that Mike Brown’s O’Doul’s tastes like shit. Photo: John Barkiple.
(L-R) Kevin Crompton of Epic Brewing, John Ford and Angela H. Brown of SLUG Magazine, Scott Davis of Moab Brewery, Rio Connelly of Proper Brewing, and Jaron Anderson, Shantel Stoff and Kevin Templin of Red Rock Brewing Co. Photo: @clancycoop.
(L–R) Shylo’s Dwaine Blackwell, Jon Nunez, Trent Campbell, top, and Fisher co-owners Tommy Fisher Riemondy, Tim Dwyer, Colby Frazier and Steven Brown, bottom, combine brewery and food truck forces. Photo:
Pat Winslow. Photo: John Barkiple.