Unencumbered by any tawdry sonic bling, each song on Heath’s album is free to drift effortlessly in and out of safe and perilous shoals of melody and harmony. Photo: John Barkiple
Josh Vanek of Wäntage Records has been organizing Total Fest since its inception 13 years ago.
Pictured with the Dirty Provo collective, Jacob Hall, third from right, curated the first Dirty Provo compilation: dirty provo vol. 1.
Abraham Von Waffles, jeweler and visual artist.
Josh Stippich of E3 Fabrication crafts ElectronLuv audio equipment capable of thunderous sound, on display at the E3 Modern gallery and showroom.
Cupbop’s Combo Bowl delivers Cupbop’s best facets—barbecued meat, potato noodles and rice—with a nice balance of sweet and spicy!
Mandi Johnson (above) and Andrea Hansen (below) of Avian Allure move in midair, embodying the characters of stories they tell through Lyra aerial dance.
(L–R) Tad Wilford and Kirk Dath make a big guitar sound with an array of effects pedals in Crook and the Bluff.
Joe Greathouse is the wizard behind his homemade electro-techno-glitch multi-VCR machine: the VCR5.