David Brothers has unveiled the imaginary world of Rolithica at UMOCA. Photo: Russel Daniels
(L–R) Fall through the melodic electronic production of Andrew Aguilera and Lauren Smith at Urban Lounge on Feb. 18. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros
Nate McCartney. Photo: Chris Kiernan
(L–R) Lindsey Nebeker and Dave Hamrick navigate their love for each other amid the autism spectrum in Autism in Love. Photo: Matt Fuller
SLUG Holiday Comix February 2016
(L–R) Joshua Winstead, Joules Scott-Key, Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric are iconoclasts within the music industry. Photo: Alyssa Gafkjen
Madison Blackley is a shredder from the crew Too Hard. Photo: @cezaryna
(L–R) Eric Robertson and Catherine Leavy imbue New Shack with glossy synthpop. Photo: Gilbert Cisneros
CY Noodles House. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Obituary will pulverize The Complex with groovy death metal on March 1. Photo: Ester Segarra