The Tale of Beren and Lúthien, by J.R.R. Tolkie
It Comes At Night | A24 | 2017
SLUG Magazine Executive Editor Angela H. Brown passes out the 10th Annual Beer Issue along the parade route. Photo: John Barkiple
Douglass "Chopper" Styer. Photo: @clancycoop
The Pushers performed by SB Dance Company. Photo: John Brandon
The 8th Annual Utah Beer Festival will take place this year at the Utah State Fairpark on Saturday, Aug. 19. Photo courtesy of City Weekly.
Jacquie King Wright rules the roost at the 25th Street brewery and looks forward to being more involved at the Layton location as the company grows. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Rob Rutledge. Photo: John Barkiple
(L–R) We Are Here founders Paula Bravo (@poolabra) and Dakotah Reyes (@duckotah). Photo: Nathalie LeBaron
(L–R) Uinta Head of Research and Development Isaac Winter and Brewmaster Tanael Escartín synthesize creative brew ideas for large-scale craft beer output. Photo: