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(L–R) Caffe Ibis Director of Coffee Brandon Despain and Marcalina “Ina” Walu, chairwoman of the Kahgo Masa co-op, a Flores-based coffee farm from which Ibis sources.
Illustration: Spencer Holt
Owner and operator John Piquet brews each cup of coffee to its unique place of perfection at Caffe D’Bolla.
Fellow Products’ Stagg-Kettle.
(L–R) Head Roaster Zach Amador, President Stacey Maxwell and CFO Steve Brewster underscore the freshness of their roasts at Millcreek Coffee.
Photo: Talyn Sherer
(L–R) Josh Rosenthal, Joe Evans and Levi Rogers are rounding out La Barba’s wholesale roasts and specialty delights.
(L–R) Nick Price and Meg Frampton brew coffee and espresso with adroit attention to each scientific detail at Three Pines Coffee.
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