Rap artist Pusha T, musical guest for Twilight Concert Series. Photo: Logan Sorenson / @Lmsorenson
Harley Streten gives SLC a taste of his unique Aussie style. Photo: Colton Marsala
With a schoolgirl smile, Jenny performs for an appreciative crowd. Photo: Scott Frederick
The VIP Patio at the Craft Lake City DIY Festival offers a photogenic perspective of the KRCL stage and the delicious dinner options along Gallivan Avenue. Photo: John Barkiple
The dramatic Park City skyline settles on the Psicobloc Master competition after a quick rainstorm. Photo: Colton Marsala
Diplo rapping to a song. Photo: Jayson Ross
Living legend Big Boi and Phantogram give Salt Lake a spectacular musical experience. Photo: Colton Marsala
Scott Avett onstage in Salt Lake City. Photo: Logan Sorenson @Lmsorenson
Sending backflip tailwhips high above the crowd at Rice Eccles stadium. Photo: Matthew Windsor