Regina Spektor playing in Salt Lake City. Photo:
Sporting a sweet trio from Princess Mononoke, Rachel, Michaela and Sam pose for a photo. Photo:
Models and designers. Photo:
Minus the Bear starts their set.
Folks listen to music and talk with their friends. Photo:
Young the Giant’s Sameer Gadhia moves to his own personal rig of noise, complete with a cowbell and all. Photo: Talyn Sherer.
John Blume interacted with James Dumas’ photography exhibit. Entropic Dreams. Photo: Jo Savage // @SavageDangerWolf
It was no surprise to the SLC crowd when Alex Puccio stuck this difficult move. Photo:
(L–R) Boston Fetherolf, Thomas Phippen and Nathan Creager were 100-percent stoked to ride on a school night. Photo: Jo Savage // @SavageDangerWolf