Scott Avett onstage in Salt Lake City. Photo: Logan Sorenson @Lmsorenson
Sending backflip tailwhips high above the crowd at Rice Eccles stadium. Photo: Matthew Windsor
Andrew Goldring. Photo: Logan Sorenson / @Lmsorenson
The duck confit had me begging the staff for more as my wife dragged me away. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Matt Shultz, lead singer for Cage the Elephant. Photo: Logan Sorenson @Lmsorenson
Aftermath of liftoff. Photo: Jayson Ross
Day 1: InAeona. Copyright Megan Kennedy // Abuse of Reason Art
Contest judge Ashley Bloxham gets a helping hand out of the rain. Photo: Niels Jensen
A passerby would find the piece 'Mästo' by Lily Shafer & Andrea Kopecka to be somewhat incongruous with its environment—dishes covered in chewed gum sitting in the square in front of Abravanel Hall.
It was a lovely day for a parade, and the Utah Pride Festival didn’t disappoint. SLUG Magazine is proud to support this community through direct action. Photo: John Barkiple