Photo: Weston Colton
Photo: Weston Colton
Jared "Snuggles" Smith
(L-R) With the help of local skaters like Joey Sandoval with "Issue #1," Willy Nevins has embarked on his new zine, "Street Buds."
On Nov. 5 at Liberty Park, pray for snow with the Shred Fest team and some of Salt Lake’s finest.
Dakoda Osusky – Backside Disaster – Utah County
Willy films Joey Sandoval as he powerslides with a crate. Photo: Niels Jensen
Mikey Martinez – Frontside Smith – Cottonwood Heights, Utah
Bambi – Ollie – SLC, Utah
(L–R) Adam Terry, Ashley Bloxham, Moses, Gabe Dussere, 
Sean “Dirty” Hadley, Jared “Snuggles” Smith, Caleb Orton and 
Ben Dickerson keep skating, kickflips or no kickflips.