December 2007 Daily Calendar

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Friday, December 7
DJ Curtis Strange – Jackelope
As Blood Runs Black, Walls of Jericho, The Warriors, Born of Osiris, Belay my Last, Myrzah – NVO
The Wolfs – Broken Record
Copperhead – Alchemy
Dane & the Death Machine ¬– The Woodshed
The Legendary Porch Pounders – Pat's
I Have Eyes Set to Kill, Blinded Black, Olympia – Addicted
Hermione, Burning Ann Hewitt, Knights of the Apocalypse, I'll be Your Eyes, The Carriage The Manor, Verses ¬¬¬ ¬– Avalon
Captain Captain Studios Opening – 825 S 500 W
Vampire Weekend, Grand Ole Party – Kilby
Gentry Densley & Sri Whipple: Guitar Art Installation – Red Light
25 Ta Life, 1000 Mournings, Beyond this Flesh – Bar Deluxe
The Blakes, The Come Down, The Cobras – Burt's
IAMA Benefit Show: The Precinct, Two Dollar Bill – South Valley Unitarian Universalist Society
One Punch!, Dub Life Sound System – Monk's
SLC Holiday Fashion Stroll – Broadway
Flogging Molly, Murder by Death, Dusty Rhodes and the River Band – In the Venue
Iron and Wine – Saltair
Erin Barra, Swan Juice, Shades of Gray, Synthesis – Urban
Diecast, Mower, Ekotren, Hellstrum, NYC, Guttshot – Vegas
DJ Matrix – Tony's
Black Chandelier Fashion Show – Union Pacific Grand Hall

Saturday, December 8
Community for a Cause: Vile Blue Shades, Accidente, Eagle Twin, Azon – In the Venue
Atherton, Paul Jacobsen, Trevor & Eileen – Solid Ground
Devil Doll – Bar Deluxe
Andrew Rice Art Show – Lucky Pirate Denim Bar
Kris Leman – Alchemy
Mark Wursten – Addicted
Better Life – Johnny's
Digna Y Rebelde – Red Light Books
Revideolized CD Release – Area 51
A Willhelm Scream, The 13th Victim, Negative Charge, Repeat Offender, Charlie Don't Surf – Burt's
Motion City Soundtrack – Sound
Band of Annuals, Calico, Lets Become Actors – Urban
Dimebag Darrell Memorial Show: Separation of Self, Insanity Plea, Vinia, This Failure, Cave of Roses – Vegas
Demo Day – The Canyons

Sunday, December 9
Update your myspace page – School Computer Lab

Monday, December 10
Red, Hed PE, Killing Carolyn, NICE – Avalon
Forth Yeer Freshman, L.H.A.W. – Burt's

Tuesday, December 11
Spork – Monk's
Cavalier, Don't Tell Sophie, Bank Xaalis – Solid Ground
Evil Beaver, Dacho, Spork – Burt's
ether orchestra, Coyote Hoods, Calico – Urban

Wednesday, December 12
Jesse Dayton – Bar Deluxe
Colour Revolt – Kilby
Alchemy – Rose Wagner
Amon Amarth, Himsa, Sonic Syndicate – Avalon
Will Hoge, Chris Merritt, Mesa Drive – Burt's
SLAJO – Urban

Thursday, December 13
Alchemy – Rose Wagner
Moses and Carl, Them Changes – Burt's
Acoustic Open Mic Night – Pat's
Killswitch Engage – Saltair
Swagger – Piper Down
The Nobody – Urban
18 Wheels of Justice – Bar Deluxe
Nobody, a collection of poetry, art, music and magic – Urban

Friday, December 14
The Wolfs – Monk's
Eric Bell – Alchemy
Alchemy – Rose Wagner
Starmy, Glinting Gems – Broken Record
Agent Orange, Swamp Donkeys, The Willkills, Numbskull – Burt's
Movie Night – Red Light Books
Seve vs. Evan, Ivy League, Dead Lip, Paxtin, The Amorous Conttact, Calibra, By Tonight – Avalon
SLUG Localized: Her Candane, I am the Ocean, The Schwas – Urban
Eyedea & Abilities – In the Venue
Tough Tittie, Life Has a Way, Anything that Moves – Bar Deluxe
Supersuckers, Utah County Swillers, Spork – Vegas

Saturday, December 15
National Product, Kenotia, Bedlight for Blue Eyes, Allred, Our System in Symphony, A City of Refuge – NVO
Flash Cabbage – Pat's
Go Figure – Johnny's
The Electric Pubes, VCR Quintet, I Hate Girls with Bruises, Ghastly Hatchling – Red Light
Suburban Hostage, Operation Wrong – Burt's
Mary Tebbs – Alchemy
Murt, Broke City, The Lives of Famous Men, Larusso – Avalon
Alchemy – Rose Wagner
Terence Hanson – Urban
Sarge, It Never Ends, Dennis, Disdain – Vegas
Charlie on the Move, Soggy Bone – Tony's
Santa Skis Free – The Canyons

Sunday, December 16
Cavedoll – Monk's
Otep, Drown Out the Stars, Massacre at the Wake – Avalon
The Faceless, 12 Ton Jezus, They Came in Swarms, Audrey Rose, Under the Rising Tide – NVO
ether orchestra, time to talk tween tunes starring Dave Payne – Urban

Monday, December 17
Hillbilly G Had – The Woodshed
Peter Harvey – Burt's
Head On Collision, Insanity Plea, tba – Vegas

Tuesday, December 18
Pawbox – Monk's
Until Further Notice, To the Death – Burt's
Self Conclusion, Tate Law, John Allred, Chris Alder – Kilby
The Come Down – Urban
Rockstar Karaoke Kickoff w/ Big Sexy – Vegas

Wednesday, December 19
Colbe Caillat – In the Venue
Black Cobra – Burt's
Salt Lake Poker Tour – The Woodshed
Oh Wild Birds!, Venus Artemisia – Urban

Thursday, December 20
Acoustic Open Mic Night – Pat's
John Lowiere – Alchemy
Toys for Tot's Benefit – Piper Down
Muses of Bedlam (reunion show), Kid Medusa – Urban
Blonde Assassin, tba – Vegas

Friday, December 21
Oni Tattoo Customer Appreciation Party: I am the Ocean, Nine Worlds, Making Fuck – Broken Record
Gallery Stroll – Downtown SLC
The Dead Baby Show – Red Light Books
The Night of 1000 Santas: Voodoo Dolls Burlesque Show – The Woodshed
Eric Ethan and Joey Taylor – Addicted
Julian Moon – Alchemy
Finn Riggins, Mathematics Et Cetera, Badgrass – Burt's
The Ruckus, Calico ¬¬– Orange
DBS III Release Party: Terrance DH, The Furs, Subrosa, Eagle Twin – Kilby
Hillbilly Swill – Pat's
Jerry Joseph and the Jack Mormons – Bar Deluxe
The Future of the Ghost, Ted Dancin (christmas sweater party) – Urban
White Party X-Mas Ball w. DJ Jeremiah – Area 51
Tba – Vegas
Maddog's Winter Solstice Pray for Snow Party w/ Free Swag – Tony's

Saturday, December 22
The Nobody Solstice – One Mind Studio
The Lauderdale – Kilby
DBS III Release Party: Kick the Dog, White Hot Ferrari, Ether, Sleeping Bag – Urban
Jeremiah Maxey – Pat's
Bad Apples, Darin Caine – The Woodshed
Naked and the Shameless, Tough Tittie, Heathen Ass Worship – Burt's
The Brobecks, Last Serenade, For: Fairwether, A Casandra Uttrance, Signora, Fourteen Days from Forever, The Skaficionados – Avalon
Vinia, Xur, Diggers & Whackers, Prosthetic Heads, Varona – Vegas
X-mas Party w/ DJ Matrix – Tony's

Sunday, December 23
Bronco & the Come Down – Monk's
Owen Hart, Rail Spike – Red Light Books
ttttt (time to talk tween tunes) feat. ether orchestra – Urban
Santa Shreds – The Canyons

Monday, December 24
X-mas Eve – Jesus' Cradle

Tuesday, December 25
Sni-Fi and the Monster Pod – Monk's
Christmas Party with Royce – The Woodshed
Santa Shreds – The Canyons

Wednesday, December 26
The Subtle Way – NVO
Cave of Roses, This Failure – Burt's
Heathen Ass Worship – Urban

Thursday, December 27
Zig's Big Electric Blues Jam – Pat's
Pink Traktor – Burt's
Salty Rootz – Piper Down
18 Wheels of Justice – Bar Deluxe
deadbeats, the Tremula – Urban

Friday, December 28
Stacey Board – Pat's
Eric Bell ¬– Alchemy
Circle of Hearts Benefit Show: Still Born, Meat, Blessed of Sin – Broken Record
Xaalis, I Hear Sirens, Quasi Stellar Radio, By Tonight, Julian Moon – Kilby
I am the – Bar Deluxe
Red Bennies, Starmy, Le Force – Urban
Three Reasons, Monarch, Super So Far, Funk and Gonzo – Vegas

Saturday, December 29
Pagan Love Gods – Bar Deluxe
Thornley and the Berges – Johnny's
Lion Dub, Expulsion, Dublife, Soundsystem, Rico Black – Red Light
Spleen, The Shens – Burt's
Super Diamond – Depot
Pink Lightin' – Urban
Scripted Apology, Balance of Power, Redneck Mafia, Krystal Noxx – Vegas
Jeff Phillips Band, Last Response – Tony's

Sunday, December 30
Buckeye, Vanzetti Crime – Red Light Books

Monday, December 31
Vanna, Knives Exchanging Hands, My Hero is Me – NVO
DK Rebel & Tallman – Monk's
Thunderfist, Blackhole, Skullfuzz – Burt's
Patter Starts, Tolchock Trio, The Future of the Ghost, Kid Theodore – Kilby
Die Monster Die – Bar Deluxe
Wolfs, Ted Dancin' HOLY SHIT 2008 Ball – Urban
New Year's Eve Party w/ DJ Radar, DJ Jeremiah, DJ Dance Commander – Area 51
New Years Eve Bash: Massacre at the Wake, What Dwells Within, Beyond This Flesh, Still-Born, Cave of Roses – Vegas
Happy New Year's with DJ Matrix – Tony's

Tuesday, January 1
Hangover – My Bed

Wednesday, January 2
Cuba Gooding Jr. Birthday Bash – Bucket's Place

Thursday, January 3
Agents of Change, Funk and Gonzo – Burt's

Friday, January 4
Opening Reception for Midnight Records – 127 S Main St.
The Sound and the Fury – Utah Arts Alliance
Last Day of the Sun, Abysmal Abbitoir – Broken Record
Streetlight Manifesto, Grand Buffet, The Stitch Up – Avalon
Pick up the new SLUG – Anyplace Cool!