Fletcher Booth: Victory @ God Hates Robots

September 16 - October 14

About the Show:

This art show includes no art as object, but exhibits only decorations as metaphors and symbols that show honor and humor which you will most likely misunderstand. Art is commonly used to create dialogue and raise questions, but I have always approached art as making a statement. The statement is the positivity that I have in my life because of my wife. I find art in my wife over any object or performance a person can create. Currently in my own art I am uninterested in art as object. So I decided to make the biggest, silliest object I could think of, accompanied by the most inanimate of objects and a few items from our public wedding ceremony. I show my wife these ideas and she loves them then laughs, that’s all I need. Any criticism or complaint is just jealousy; Victory.

Victory will run from September 16, 2016 through October 14, 2016.