An Evening with Mark Knopfler at Red Butte


An Evening with Mark Knopfler

Tuesday, September 15 at 7PM


Best known as the lead guitarist, lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Dire Straights from 1977-1995, Mark Knopfler has just released his eighth solo album, Tracker. Now, the much-travelled craftsman prefers to reside wherever the song takes him, from writing room to rehearsal space, recording studio to concert hall. He is, as tirelessly and inquisitively as ever, on the trail of some musical truth, just as he has been since the 45s of Ricky Nelson and Lonnie Donegan, or the playing of Hank Marvin and Duane Eddy, sent him down a path that led to 125 million record sales.

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Mark Knopfler