Entrepreneurship 4 All

August 3, 2016

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Entrepreneurship 4 All 2016: Transforming Thinkers into Doers

Get inspired to action and start DOING. Learn what it means to be an entrepreneur, develop actionable steps to start solving problems and improving our community, and connect with other like-minded “doers.”

Entrepreneurs, potential entrepreneurs, those wondering what entrepreneurship is all about, and those looking to join a team are all welcome.

Thinking about starting a business, non-profit, policy campaign, school club; its all entrepreneurship!

Connect with other entrepreneurs and like-minded doers over food, speakers and micro workshops. So come one, come all, and let’s get started!

Featured Speakers Include:

Julian Carr: Professional Skier & Founder, Discrete Clothing

Paul Corson: Entrepreneur-in-Residence & Former Deputy Director, US Department of Commerce

Robert Bell: General Manger, Miller Inspiration & Co-Founder, Sustainable Startups.

Laura Palmer: Founder, Bridgenosis and mindset shift leader

+ others!