Issue 372 – December 2019 cover art

december Issue

About The Cover: Our Local Literary Issue boasts book artist Claire Taylor’s broadside art. She also takes inspiration from bookplates and includes the phrase “Ex Libris,” which indicates to whom a book belongs. Per the fox carrying a book, natural and whimsical imagery is a hallmark of bookplate art. Read about Taylor here and find more of her work on Instagram
Voidsmen | VOIDSMEN | Tribeless
“If you have something to donate, that you aren't using anyways, you might as well give it to this. In the meantime, you get to see a kick-ass rock show,” says Jeff Dillon.
Cat Casual & The Final Word | The Secret Self | sonaBLAST!
Kim Petras' performance at the depot was heavy on hits and—of course—costume changes.
Blood Warrior | Animal Hides | Ernest Jennings Record Co.
The Aeronauts is a film that, though historically based, depicts a narrative that is more historical fiction than anything else.
Being inspired by the DIY scene, Tayler Lacey takes full control of all aspects of his artistic process.
"Local author Janalyn Guo’s Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins is a series of soothing reveries."
Moderated by Plan-B Theatre Artistic Director Jerry Rapier (purple shirt), Plan-B’s Theatre Artists of Color Writing Workshops provide a space for emergent playwrights of color to discuss their works in progress. At the table, clockwise from Rapier: actor Louise Vitória Dapper, actor Pedro Flores, actor Yolanda Stange, actor Darby Mest and actor Kandyce Marie Abreu.
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz is a 17th-century Mexican nun, poet, playwright and intellectual.
Roots Café's Utah Burger is topped with a succulent fried egg and goes great with baked kale.
MICA uplifts underrepresented communities with things like after-school programs.
Serving as the poetry arm of the Field Work Program here in SLC, Katherine Coles has worked hand in hand with local scientists to merge science and poetry.
Lisa Bickmore is a published poet and teaches at Salt Lake Community College
December's Beer of the Month is SaltFire Brewing Co.'s Punk as F*ck IPA.
Self proclaimed, "Midwestern-poet-gone-rogue" Abraham Smith helps curate Witch Lit each month.
Black Lantern features the tattooed, pumpkin-headed Edgar amongst other characters.