A few new faces, a few old ones, a ton of surprises and a rope match? It’s all inside Utah’s best pro wrestling promotion!

The evening began with Derrick Jannetty announcing the dissolution of his tag team partnership with Martin Casaus and issuing a challenge to the self-proclaimed UCW-Zero superhero, Kid Kade. Think of it like a “divide and conquer” thing with those guys. Then, when Kade ran to the ring apron to defend himself, he was promptly brained by Casaus with a steel chair. And they’re off!
Tag Team Championship
Bryan Austin & Durango Kid V. 801 District (Los Mochi Paco & Junior X)
This matchup proved a decent start to the event as Bryan Austin and Durango Kid, a newer partnership, had already managed to cobble together some good team chemistry and an impressive move-set (particularly on the part of the former) that I’d like to see develop. That being said, 801 District held the advantage with experience, synergy, Junior X’s brawling and crowd favoritism (the “what’s my name?” chants, anyone?) to retain the belt. Great dual theatrics all around.
Rope Match
Morgan v. Sierra Rose
A unique set up, this contest involved both combatants going at it while tied to each other (at the waist) with a rope. Defending Women’s title holder Sierra Rose took to it with gusto, feigning a playground jump-rope routine in the center of the ring, while Morgan took it in a more aggressive direction, brutalizing Sierra outside the ring. Rose still kept the win, though, proving she’s not the champ for naught, and drawing plenty of ire from a hot crowd.
“Captain” Craig Stevens v. Dallas Murdock
A great match that started building last taping, both Craig Stevens and Dallas Murdock have a penchant for brooding ring psychology, and it’s all been wrapped up in a great “betrayal” story. It was turmoil between a befuddled ref continually admonishing Stevens to “chill out,” a heated chairshot back n’ forth and this specific brand of street-level brawling. Murdock clinched the win, but not without scrapping earnestly for it, and we’re all hoping that Craig Stevens’ return to the company is a straight shoot (big ups to Jason Jaxon’s delighted facial expression at the sound of the bell). Time’s gonna tell on that one, but in the eyes of this grizzled kayfabe connoisseur, this was the highlight of the entire evening.