Ring Rats Anonymous: UCW Zero Live TV Taping @ UCW Arena 02.08

Posted February 13, 2014 in
Hudson Envy v. Lacey Ryan
Hudson Envy is a recent import from Texas, and I’ve gotta say, I’m thrilled to see the UCW-Zero women’s division getting this kind of diversity and talent. Ultimately, Envy was an excellent, loose-canon heel complement to Lacey Ryan’s technical flair, screeching like an abandoned feral animal and abandoning the ring at every opportunity. It shouldn’t come as any great surprise that Lacey won this one, triggering a “that was awesome!” chant after a masterful dropkick. Another great match with some new faces: Let’s hope we see more of this!
Martin Casaus (accompanied by Stevie Slick) v. Zack James
Woah! Zack James getting a serious push after his first win last taping, and you know what? He absolutely deserves it. Great set of moves, great crowd response … the dude’s really coming into his own after severing ties with Sierra, and I couldn’t be happier about the development. I’m not sure Casaus would say exactly the same thing, but that’s neither here nor there. Controversial wins aren’t anything new for the boastful heel (maybe the ref didn’t catch it, but methinks he really DID tap out on that submission hold), but this was a primo showing for James, a real test of endurance and a forecast for explosive things to come.
Main Event
Bronson v. Jason Jaxon
Bronson’s entrances keep getting more demented and Jason Jaxon’s crowd pops just keep getting louder. Bronson kept things interesting by defying this author’s expectations, but the real surprises came in from the locker room. I shan’t divulge. You have the Internet.
A spirited “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant to those who attended (hot crowd this time around) and a “GTFO, you clueless Cena fan” to those who didn’t. Next match? Feb. 22 at the UCW arena (47 S. Orange St). Follow UCW-Zero on Facebook and Twitter, subscribe to their Youtube channel and tattoo this lil nugget of wisdom on yer forehead: “STAY HEEL.”