Bellography: Meg – March 2008

Meg is Salt Lake's answer to classic Hollywood glamour. Stunningly gorgeous, she is also intelligent, talented and possesses incredible charisma on and off stage. One cannot help watching her when she is dancing, and then can't stop thinking about the beautiful woman you just saw when the dance ends. With great subtlety and personal power, Meg owns the stage when she performs. There is nothing overt. She just possesses that certain something that elevates her dancing above the rest. Meg is so modest in her own self-reflection that she doesn't even know what an amazing a talent she has. And she is not a diva. Meg has a warm and caring, heart-centered personality. Getting to know her was pure enjoyment.

Meg explained: "I have always been fascinated with gypsies and dancing. When I was little, I was obsessed with the gypsy caravan in Pinocchio."

But it was in an Arizona restaurant, that Meg watched a belly dancer performing a double sword routine, and fell in love with the dance. "I am so in love with belly dancing that I still have the match book from the restaurant."

Dancing for 10 years, Meg began her belly dance training with Mashara Rabia in Ogden when she was 18. She then moved to Salt Lake City, met Stephanie Buranek, and has been studying with her for the past five years. Recently, Meg became a member of the Blue Lotus Dance Collaborative and has been performing with them in Utah and Texas, has attended workshops taught by Sahra Saeeda, Eva Fleming, Rachel Brice, Jillina, Carolena Nericcio and Papillon.

"I love Egyptian Cabaret," she told me. "The costumes are so classy and the technique is refined, subtle and beautiful. I just like the look and feel of it, and it is glamorous and ladylike. I like that."

Expressing her thoughts on dancing, Meg said, "I would rather dance than any other kind of movement. It's better for your spirit. Women shine when they dance. I believe I love dance practice more than performing. The women with whom I dance move so beautifully when they are comfortable and relaxed. It's a wonderful experience. I feel blessed to have it as a part of my life."

"I am amazed at how large and diverse we are," Meg told me about Utah's dance community. "The level of support is wonderful. I am surprised that more people aren't aware of Middle Eastern dance as an artform, and I wish we had regular performances in places like the Rose Wagner. I am so grateful to all of my teachers and to the girls with whom I dance. Our belly dance community is very creative, artistic, open, and generous."

In April, Meg will be performing with The Blue Lotus Dance Collaborative in here in Salt Lake, and for other performances visit Take a moment to watch Meg with Blue Lotus. You won't be sorry!