Bellyography: Aubrilynn – May 2010

I love it when new dancers arrive in the Salt Lake belly dance scene. Aubrilynn not only takes my breath away every time I watch her dance, but she also lights and ignites any place she is dancing. Looking like a young Rita Hayworth dancing tribal fusion, Aubrilynn’s talent, command of the art and stage presence seem mature beyond her sixteen years.  She has been gifted with natural talent, beauty and style. Her performances are hypnotic and professional, whether dancing solo or in a troupe. Although she is young and still has much to learn, it is quite obvious that this young lady was born to dance. At sixteen, she has a lot of time to perfect her technique and style. This is one young dancer to watch through the next few years to see just how high that star of hers can go.

“I come from a theatrical family, but I am the oddball,” Aubrilynn told me. “Dancing is how I claimed my stage time without being an actor.  My dream is to be a professional dancer, so I plan to stick with belly dancing and truly do something with it.”

Aubrilynn lives in Salt Lake City and attends high school in the valley. She began belly dancing at eight years old, when her mother gave her classes as a gift. She started out with Egyptian cabaret, but became enamored with tribal fusion when she saw Rebecca of Kashmir Dance Company perform a solo. Aubrilynn knew immediately that tribal fusion was the belly dancing style for her.

“I think that all styles of belly dancing are beautiful, no matter what,” she explained.  “I just like the idea of tribal being so different. It is not what everyone assumes it is. There is more to it than the dance—a sisterhood and loyalty.”

Aubrilynn has studied locally with Kairo, Thia, Fvorboda and Corrie Walker. She has taken workshops with Tempest, Carolena Nerricio, Rachel Brice and Indigo. She is planning on getting her ATS certification this summer. 

Currently, Aubrilynn is one of the three members of Blue Moon Belly Dance, created in 2009.  Although Kairo is the director, Blue Moon is very much the collaborative effort of all three ladies. 

“Certain belly dance troupes and groups feel like a sisterhood, and you can really get to know those people. I love that.  And I love Salt Lake’s belly dance community,” Aubrilynn says. “ I owe belly dancing a lot. I was very awkward and shy as a child. Belly dancing and tribal fusion have brought me out and given me confidence.”

You can see Aubrilynn perform with Blue Moon Belly Dance at the following events: May 14, Autism Awareness Fund Raiser; May 22, New Mexico’s Fusion Fest; June 4, Thia’s Wild West Show; July 20, Wiggles of the West Competion, Las Vegas; August 13, The Samantha Fox Show.