Bellyography: Rebecca

“I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.” - Ruth St. Denis

One of the most difficult aspects of any artistic endeavor is having the ability to open yourself to your audience.  Shy by nature, Rebecca has learned to use dance to communicate the rich beauty of her spirit.  A gifted artist, her dance technique reflects her natural talent and extensive training.  Her level of trust expands with every solo performance, and the audience is allowed more and more into Rebecca’s lush and vivid inner landscape.  Add sensitive and imaginative choreography, watercolor costumes and mesmerizing music and you have … Rebecca!

“Rebecca is one of the most selfless people I have ever danced with or known.” says Stephanie Buranek, “She is a dedicated and giving person, and it extends into all aspects of her life.”

Growing up in Logan, Utah, Rebecca was, in her own words, a “terrible dancer.” She studied ballet but hated the regimental training and stopped dancing completely at age ten.  When some friends took her to a belly dance class in Logan, she immediately fell in love with the natural flow of the movement and felt “it was something I just had to do!”

Involved in Middle Eastern dance for over 14 years, Rebecca was a co-founder of the USUMED dance club in Logan and the performing troupe Shazadi, which is flourishing today under the direction of Sumra.  Rebecca also danced with Cartouche, a folkloric troupe in Salt Lake City directed by Tamar.  Today, she and Buranek have formed the Hathor Dance Collective, a combination dance school and performing troupe.  Rebecca maintains Hathor’s web page, does their marketing and advertising, designs their flyers and keeps dancers up to date on Facebook.  Her attention to detail and research into the world of dance, diet and health keep many of us on our toes and aware of what is out in the world for dancers.  Along with belly dancing, Rebecca takes ongoing classes in ballet and yoga and does strength training.

“I like all of belly dancing.” Rebecca explained,  “I like teaching dancers the potential of their bodies, the creative aspects of choreography and teaching a dance.  I like watching what people do with my choreography.  I just love teaching people to dance.”

“Rebecca is a true inspiration.” explains Buranek, “She is always nurturing the dancers around her and they, in turn, inspire her to be a better dancer.”

Regarding the Utah belly dance community, Rebecca says, “I like the positive changes in the community.  People are personalizing their dancing, like adding hip-hop or bringing more of their personality into their performances.  It inspires me to push harder.  I am still learning.  I feel I am always a beginner—a student.”

You can see Rebecca and the Hathor Dance Collective at Summer Oasis featuring Sabrina Fox, Friday, August 13.  For more information, go to