A Barney for a Bargain! Gallery Stroll


I have always thought of myself as a socialite living on a socialist budget. I dream of lounging by the pool or strolling for one-of-a-kind artwork to add to my massive collection. Alas, as I am no heir to any sized fortune. Thus began my love affair with Art Access Galleries’ 300 Plates exhibit and fundraiser.

Once a year, Art Access invites some of Salt Lake’s most influential and prized artists to participate in making art affordable to the people. The artist is given an 11 x 10 inch square metal plate salvaged from printers’ plates. Each plate is uniquely designed by one of these accomplished artists and put up for sale to raise funds for the nonprofit art gallery. The plates are numbered 50 through 350, which also coincides with the price of each piece. For instance, Sam Wilson, a masterful artist whose work normally commands hundreds of dollars, had the number one spot in last year’s show, number 50, which allowed me to purchase his piece for $50.

I wish I could say this is just our little secret, but since the inception of this fundraiser, the awareness and the participation has grown. I arrived at the 2004 fundraiser as a volunteer, assuming I’d sell a few pieces and mingle with some of the artists. What awaited me was a line of eager art patrons fighting for the chance to purchase a Cassandra Barney or a Bevan Chipman at bargain-bin prices. I was completely unprepared! My advice: Look over the list of invited artists. If you see one or two you would really like to have in your collection, buck up for the fundraiser. Opening evening is May 19. $25 in advance, $30 day of show. RSVP as space is limited. Be there early and please don’t trample the sweet young thing in the black dress; I can’t afford dry cleaning! Admission is free the following evening during the public reception for Gallery Stroll May 20, but we all know the early bird gets the best bargains.

Participating artist; Kathem Alhamdani, Cassandra Barney, Adam Bateman, Susan Beck, Ryan Bench, Paul Vincent Bernard, Alex Bigney, Marcee Blackerby, Laura Boardman, Connie Borup, Sandy Brunvand, Alex Caldiero, Royden Card, Joe Carter, Maya Chachava, Ruby Chacon, Bevan Chipman, James Christensen, Kent Christensen, Meri Decaria, Lee Deffenbach, Justin Diggle, Daniel Dolberg, David Dornan, Downy Doxey, Stefanie Dykes, John Erickson, Jonell Evans, Doug Fryer, Roberta Gidden, Carla Gourdin, Jodie Grant, Paul Heath, Annie Kennedy, Brian Kershisnik, Patricia Kimball, Wayne Kimball,Bob Kleinschmidt, Lenka Konopasek, Jacqui Biggs Larsen, Chase Leslie, William R. Littig, Robert Marshall,Kim Martinez, Frank McEntire, Dennis Mecham, David Meikle,Eru “Ed” Napia, Joseph Ostraff, William Patterson, Holly Mae Pendergast, Alison Perreault, Denis Phillips, Bonnie Posselli, Marilyn Read, Kim Riley, Vojko Rizanovic, John Schaefer, Dewayne Sessions, Steve Sheffield, Anthony Sicilano, Bruce Smith, Gary Eaqrnest Smith, Joanne Smith, Tony Smith, Brian Snapp, Doug Snow, Bonnie Sucec, Brian Szugye, Cordell Taylor, Jamiaica Trinnaman, Maureen O’Hara Ure, Sue Valentine, Anne Vinsel, Ted Wassmer, Anne Watson, Balnche Wilson, and Sam Wilson.

All proceeds fund the Art Access Art Gallery and Art Positive workshops. It’s completely tax deductible and ready for your enjoyment. Support art; it supports you!!!

Please visit www.slugmag.com for more of SLUG’s Gallery Stroll preview and picks.


May’s Stroll will take place on May 20th. In addition to the monthly gallery spotlight here’s a list of galleries worth checking out.

Unknown Gallery is located 353 West 200 South. For the month of May this Gallery has asked local artists to focus on “Idols and Icons”. Themed shows like this always intriguing to see how different artist interpret the same words. The Unknown Gallery has earned a reputation for the, “it” place to be on Gallery Stroll. With models styled by lunatic fringe and D.j’s spinning through out the night the experience is more of that in New York or San Francisco than that of the galleries your parents would have attended.

Slug Studio Office at 351 West Pierpont Ave will play host to the memorial art show in honor of Brad Hatcher. As Stacey Adams explains, “About a month before Brad’s life was taken by cancer, he bought some canvases to paint. He himself was unable to finish these blanks of inspiration for he was too weak. I have given one of each of these canvases to friends and artists who have the strength, love, and inspiration to finish them. This show is to celebrate the life of a great friend lover and pirate”.

Artists include: Stacey Adams, Nate Millard, Domonique Kiernan, Kelli Bratvold, Mikey Handley, Josh Scheurman, Dave Fry, and others.

A Gallery located at 1321 South 2100 East will host the expansive collection by John O’Connell. Mr. O’Connell is an assistant professor of the Art department at the University of Utah. If you are currently attending classes in the art department this is a good time to kiss up. For exhibit details and photo’s visit www.agalleryonline.com

Phillips Gallery located at 444 East 200 South. Indoor and outdoor sculptures by Chris Coleman. Key point of interested, the rooftop sculpture garden, you can stroll in the moonlight! Opening May 20th show runs until June 10th.

Utah arts Alliance located at 2191 South 300 West. Saturday May 21st is the first anniversary of the Utah Arts Alliance and these artists know how to partee! Four different DJ’s will spin through out the night. Fire and Belly Dancers will mystify you while Art Alliance founder Derek Dyer will perform his notorious projections. I’ve always said don’t mess in your own back yard so the party will be held at club Halo 800 South State Street 9p.m.