After trekking through many galleries and searching many websites I bring you my picks for the March Stroll. Held on the 21st or as I like to call it the “third Friday”. There’s no better time to put life on pause and enjoy art than during the monthly Gallery Stroll.

Phillips Gallery, located at 444 East 200 South, has been a driving force behind the gallery stroll since it’s conception nearly 30 years ago. One might think a gallery of their stature would feel like a museum, but on the contrary it’s as fresh and as inviting as any of it’s younger counter parts.

With many floors to peruse and a sculptor garden on the roof you’ll never be bored or disappointed. I selected the Phillips Gallery in particular this month for the joint showing of artist Deborah Hake Brinkerhoff and Heather Barron. The paring of these women is a perfect match of strong and quite and witty and whimsical.

Like the women they portray there are layers of emotion captured in each painting. Both women have a knack for revealing a higher truth. Women are multilayered; we are wives, mothers, friends and humans. We get enjoyment out of our children, friends, pets and yes even our shoes!

These elements don’t make us weak they make us stronger because we accept them and embrace them. Ladies, this is a perfect show to take your best friend to. The Barron and Brinkerhoff exhibit will be on display in the main floor gallery from March 21st though April 11th.

Now something for the men out strolling… you can’t get more rugged then hiking though Utah’s high deserts by your lonesome. Plan B Theatre Company and The Utah Arts Council bring you the work of Everett Ruess, on display in the Art Gallery at the Rose Wagner.

The show hangs in conjunction with the world premier performance of “The End of the Horizon”, running March 14th through 30th in the Studio Theatre at Rose Wagner. Everett Ruess, a young man whose passion for nature and drive for exploration is insurmountable even by today’s standards, became a legend in 1934 when he disappeared at the age of twenty while wandering the desert around Escalante, Utah.

Ruess documented his travels along the California coast, the high Sierra Nevada and the canyon’s and desert of Arizona and Utah in poems and block prints. The collection on display spans the last five years of Everett’s short yet full life. It’s been said that these prints were sold to fellow travelers in exchange for a means to supply him self and his burro’s passage to the next vista and with each new vista he produced a new print.

75 years later there is a lot of beauty and inspiration to be found in his story and his art. Tickets for the performance of “The End Of The Horizon” are available at or 355-Arts.

Since I get asked all the time about securing an exhibit I thought I’d mention, I’ve recently stumbled upon an unconventional art gallery. (A)Perture gallery, located at 1617 South 900 East, is available for rent. For a minimal rental fee of $125 for 24 hours you put on a show and take the commission.

Co-founder Heidi Gress explained: “We are hoping by creating an opportunity for artist to showcase their work and not pay a large commission they can explore more of their creative potential.”

Contact with a digital portfolio or call 801-486-0902 for more information. Support local art, it supports you!