Gallery Stroll – August 2008


Camilla Taylor knows the fundamentals of putting on a successful print exchange, making her latest show, Secret, an irresistible stop on August 15th’s Gallery Stroll. It will be presented by the Kayo Gallery at 177 East 300 South in downtown Salt Lake with a public artists’ reception held from 6-9 P.M.

With a laundry list of artist including Trent Call, Claire Taylor, Cein Watson, Camilla Taylor, Stephanie Carrico, Steve Jansen, Clyde Ashby, Catherine Mataisz, Veera Kasicharernvat, Amber Heaton, Mary Toscano, Cara Despain, Emily Johndrow, Stephanie Dykes, Dylan McManus and Erin Esplin, patrons are bound to find a perfect and inexpensive addition to
their art collection.

Using a standard format, all the participants made a selected number of prints to exchange among other artists and several to be sold at the gallery. Available for $20 apiece, collecting from even the well-established artists becomes an affordable reality.

Staying with one format makes for clean lines and offers everyone an even playing field. The format becomes a comforting structure to house even the wildest interpretations.

“So far, I don’t know how risky, or risque, people are going to get with their prints,” Camilla says. “There have been promises of illicit sexual content, and humiliating revelations, but we’ll see who follows through.”

After relocating some years ago, Camilla now resides in Los Angeles but has yet to find the niche of jaw-dropping print-makers the good old SL C has to offer. “Last year, I tried doing a dual exhibit, having the show open the same time in Salt Lake City and in Phoenix. It seemed like a good idea, but the Salt Lake City artists dwarfed the Phoenix artists in amount and quality. I couldn’t find many people who were both artists and experienced in printmaking in other cities like I could in SLC.”

Not all gallery openings take place during the monthly Gallery Stroll. Offering highbrow art, The Utah Art Alliance will feature Defining Moments by Sonya Dinsdale, open September 2nd, September 27th with an artists’ reception Friday, September 5th.

Defining Moments consist of colorful, abstract, two-dimensional mixed-media works depicting the rollercoaster of human emotions. It is a testament to the therapy of creating art to reflect and move forward through life’s challenges. Sonya relates the images to themes of unrequited love, the triumph of the human spirit over personal terror and the exuberance of a sunny day in April.

The Utah Arts Alliance is located 127 South Main and will be open Tuesday through Friday 4-8 P.M. and Saturdays from 1-5 P.M. Free on-street parking is available after 6P.M. If you have an upcoming gallery/art studio event, contact me at Submission must be received by the 10th of the month prior.

Go out and support local art!