Bellyography: Cap’n Corrie – April 2008

With American Tribal Style, Urban Tribal, and Tribal Fusion, belly dancing is literally sweeping the entire world today. I want to pay tribute and acknowledge a true visionary in our dance community. Corrie Walker attended her first Utah Belly Dance Festival in 1995, and it was there that she first saw and was mesmerized by Carolena Nerricio and Fat Chance Belly Dance. Corrie may have been sequins and bugle beads before that day, but it was turbans and full skirts forever afterwards.

Corrie: “After I saw Fat Chance, that was it for me. I never looked back. I hounded Carolena, took lessons from her, and watched every video on American Tribal Style. I was hooked. Everyone told me that ATS wasn’t considered belly dancing, and it wasn’t a true form. But I never gave up and look what is happening today! It is huge! This dance style is so heartfelt. The world tribal explosion validates me and, especially, validates Carolena.”

A Salt Lake native, Corrie has her roots in music and percussion. She plays the guitar and drums, and she has sung with several local bands. But as co-founder and director of Utah’s premier ATS troupe, Kashmir Dance Company, she has discovered a deeper, more intrinsic element involved in the dance. What has developed for Kashmir is a bond of sisterhood and a sense of community. A cooperative spirit has taken over this particular troupe of ladies, and it is the profound key to their continued success. It is their shared love and caring that translates to joyous energy for their audiences. And Utah audiences love the Kashmir dancers!

Corrie: “We, ladies of Kashmir, are a true sisterhood. We are deeply connected. There is an element of trust, chemistry, and camaraderie that is palpable. It is knowing that the girls have your back and are always there for you, on and off stage. We are a family. Kashmir is comprised of mothers and their daughters, sisters, and friends. Dancing in Kashmir is a rich, colorful, dynamic and, best of all, fun experience.”

Kashmir Dance Company was originally created by Corrie and her sister, Joy in 1996. Joy moved out of Utah, and Corrie became the impetus behind the dance troupe. Today, she teaches three classes, is the director/choreographer for two student performing troupes, Desert Star Gypsies and Sorella Luna, and also is the director/choreographer for Kashmir Dance Company and their spin off fusion troupe, Black Pearls. All this besides working full-time and also being the full-time single parent of that rising dance star, Maren Skywalker. Corrie and several members of Kashmir were also ATS certified recently and authorized to teach Carolena’s specific style of dance.

Corrie: “Utah’s belly dance community offers so many diverse workshops and performing opportunities. I love to see what everyone else is doing and incorporate it into my own dancing. I consider myself to always be a student. I am always learning.”

Information on Kashmir Dance Company events and performances are listed on their website,