Gallery Stroll: A Study of People, Places and Things

Painting: Brian Lindley

When I think of the newest art on the scene, I think of the newest artists—students working to fine-tune their craft, learn techniques and find their voice. The University of Utah will showcase a selection of students’ work at Gallery Stroll beginning April 16 through May 8 at the Gittins Gallery located in the Art Department building. This is the stage where artists are most vulnerable and need their peers and the community to acknowledge and critique their work in order elevate themselves to the next level. I believe that art breathes life into the viewer, so it only makes sense that art isn’t truly born until it’s been seen by people other than its creator. I highly recommend you find the time to show these budding artists some love. For more information on the show and which artists will participate, please visit their website.
The Utah Arts Festival promotes the local art community year-round through their gallery space at 500 West 250 South in the Artspace City Center building. In April, visitors will enjoy In Tempo With Nature, featuring artists Brian Lindley, Craig Ivan Mathews and J. Randal Young displaying paintings while Jeffrey Favero will display photography. Each will interpret the depth and breadth of our natural surroundings.
Our environs leave a lasting impression on the people we are and influence the people we will become. Consequently, as one ventures out of familiar surroundings, we look to identify who and how we should be in those other places. Artists Anna Laurie Mackay, Meredith Prévot and Jean Richardson will explore those spaces in an exhibit titled Other Places at the Alice Gallery located on 617 E. South Temple. “As each of us are residents of Utah, we have strong influences from this place,” says Prévot, “but we are also bringing our individual experiences of living and traveling elsewhere to create our separate bodies of work for this exhibition.” The show opened on March 13 and will be on display through May 8.
Whether you’re “strolling” to find new art and connect with the community or because it’s a free date night, Gallery Stroll is a wonderful celebration of creativity, and is beautiful in truly lovely spaces and places—all of which are all great reasons to slow down and take a stroll.