The concert poster has a history as long and colorful as the musicians themselves. First being referred to as a “bill,” the announcement would read from lesser-known musicians to the more notable or headlining bands. From the 1920s to the 50s, the concert posters scattered along storefronts, vacant buildings or telephone poles were ranked among radio promotion for its efficiency. The 60s brought concert posters to the forefront of the concert experience, due in part to the elaborate designs and the need to remember who was on the bill (after the LSD kicked in, obviously). The posters created during this movement made the transcendence from information to collector’s item and now, a recognized form of art.

In the last three years, local artist and printmaker Leia Bell has become a well-known concert or “gig poster” creator through posting her work on, having a booth at the annual SXSW Flatstock Convention and being featured in a six-page spread in Paul Gruskin and Dennis King’s book The Art of Modern Rock. Through these experiences, Leia was introduced to an array of gig-poster artists, many of them women from all over the world. Following up with those connections, Leia has put together an amazing menagerie of women artists who specialize in gig-poster work Sara Turner started as a screen-printer along with her husband. Always admiring and collecting music and art, combining the two seemed natural, so she accredits receiving a Jay Ryan Shellac poster from her husband as the inspiration to expanding her career. You can also check out her new comic books at

From Bordeaux France, Tanxxx is another artist turned poster creator/comic book illustrator. Her first comic book, Rock Zombie, was just released. Tanxxx specializes in many different mediums in order to “Make fun work and to make work fun.”