SLUG Magazine Gallery Stroll Picks


The Salt Lake Gallery Stroll will take place on June 17th, with a plethora of shows, it’s hard to know where to spend your valuable time. Don’t worry your pretty little shaved head any longer; I’m here to take that brain cramp away and tell you where the cool kids will be Artisan Frame and Aphelion Studio will play host to two of the best and brightest of San Francisco’s Academy of Art alumni. Penelope Moore and Aaron T. Memmott have a special connection with the Bay Area. Not only have they lived and gone to school in that area for over seven years, but they will soon relocate to Savanna Georgia. Gone will be the days of painting the Golden Gate or Oakland Bridges; no more illustrations of Chinatown after the rain. Soon they will have to paint their new surroundings, which, with my understanding of Savanna, is golf carts and catfish. I still have faith they will change their minds, because no one captures the beauty of Northern California like these two artists. Invited artists will also include Lane Timothy, a Missoula Montana native, with roots in rural landscapes; and Salt Lake’s own Kali Mellus, specializing in custom hardware-inspired jewelry. Unfortunately, this is one of those shows that if you don’t attend Gallery Show June 17 between 6-9p.m., you’ll miss it and you’ll be a loser! Artisan Frame and Aphelion studio are located at 351 W. Pierpont Ave. (240 South)

The Patrick Moore Gallery in cooperation with the Glass Art Guild present their second annual exhibit entitled “A Gathering of Glass.” This gathering will include work from jewelry to large free-form sculptures. All techniques of glass artistry will be present, from kiln and torching to glass-blowing. Come be mesmerized by the craftsmanship and intensity that glass can offer. The opening reception with artists present will be held June 17 with regular business hours from noon to 5p.m. until July 9. The Patrick Moore Gallery is located at 511 W. 200 South

The Unknown Gallery, located at 353 W. 200 South, is often the place to be seen. This gallery takes your art walk out for a dance. Stylish models mingle in and out of the crowd while DJs spin the appropriate music for the evening. Tonight the music is heavy, heavy metal, actually. From June 17 through July 9, Unknown Gallery will feature work from several local and national artists, all with recent pieces reflecting the show’s title, “Heavy Metal.” While the theme may seem narrow, the artist perception rarely is!

Now these are my picks, which may in fact make you smarter and more charming to the opposite sex, but if you want a complete listing of participating galleries for Gallery Stroll please visit. and always check out SLUG Magazine for all the hottest places to be!

Stroll often it’s good for the body!
And Always Support Local Art!!!!!!