Often gallery stroll gets so busy I can’t make it to all the shows I want to see. Last month I missed Max’s Grundy’s “The Art of Tragedy” Luckily this show will remain on display until June 13th at Tanner Frames located at 230 S 500 W #105 in the New Art Space building. (Enter through the main doors and follow the hallway half the way down) Max Grundy is a well-known Utah artist currently living in California. His work featuring taboo war propaganda is very popular. Grundy takes items that normally evoke fear in the public and exploits the image until it becomes common to see in a non-threatening environment, like on the back of a T-shirt.The Gallery Stroll always takes place the third Friday of the month so in June that means the 15th. That fun and quaint neighborhood known as 3rd and 3rd or the Broadway District has become a must on gallery stroll and this month is no exception. My first stop would be No Brow Coffee located at 315 E and 300 S, Pick up a coffee, check out new works by local artist Brady Gunnell and hopefully catch a set of his band Calico.

A few doors down we have a new spot and stop on the stroll, Redemption Department operated by Jeff Martin has taken over for the recently closed James Anthony Gallery. The shop is new but Redemption has been around for years dressing hipsters and providing a local line for JMR. You may wonder how does a new clothing store get on the gallery stroll? They team up with Salt Lake’s favorite original printmaker Lei Bell. You’ve seen Leia’s work on posters and cards but never has she committed her work to clothing. Redemption is thrilled. Many companies have approached Bell, but Redemption Department plans to provide an original look for her shirts that will best showcase her artwork. The new line will officially be released on June 15th.

Moving on down the street at 179 E Broadway you’ll come to Red Light Book’s. This month the art is red … blood red that is! Ben Thomas has chosen unconventional art forms; he takes old baby dolls and manipulates them to look as though they have been in gruesome accidents. Maybe a little morbid but just like a car accident you cannot look away. Slightly frightening but very intriguing, this show will hang throughout the month of June and for more information you can check out their Myspace page atmyspace.com/188997377.

There is still so much to see weather you pop over to Pierpont or head over to the new Artspace. The streets are filled with people and the galleries are filed with art, you just need to pick a starting point and begin strolling. Support local businesses!!!!!