Still from the anime D-Frag.

Review: D-Frag: The Complete Series

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D-Frag: The Complete Series


Street: 04.28

Originally a manga series created by Tomoya Haruno, D-Frag was quickly turned into an animated TV series that aired from Jan.– Mar 2014.  Why the short run? Not sure. Maybe it was the length of the manga or maybe they wanted quality over quantity.

Either way, I’m sad to see it end, as this was a goofy and funny show. D-Frag is the story of Kenji Kazama, a troublemaker/high school student who is forced into joining the all-girls “Game Creation Club.” These motley crews of girls are not to be messed with, as each one has their own crazy personality.  Then there are the other eccentrics that roam the school, hell-bent on making Kazama’s life a living, but comedic hell.

Much like other funny animes, D-Frag is chock-full of random absurd humor that is best matched with a joint or a beer. The Blu-ray sports a crystal-clear picture and sound to match. The special features include audio commentary on select episodes, promotional videos and trailers, as well as textless opening and closing credit songs. If you’re a fan of anime and video games, then D-Frag should be a no-brainer. –Kenny Tadrzynski