Dual/Dvojina (Slovenia/Denmark/Croatia, 102 min.)

Directed by Nejc Gazvoda

Perfo Production

Street: 08.22.13

On her last shift working as a shuttle driver in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tina (Nina Rakovec) meets Iben (Mia Jexen), a quirky Danish traveller stranded on her way to Greece. Over the next day, the two quickly develop an intense and cryptic relationship over cakes, beer and kittens. After bombing her interview for a “good job” at a bank, Tina desperately wants to leave Slovenia, a country that she sees (and the film portrays) as a dead-end for dreamers like her.

Free-spirited Iben is her ticket out, yet she’ll have to leave behind her family and best friend, Matic. The story is one we’ve all seen before, but Dual’s simple charms refresh the age-old tale of falling into an impossible love story.