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Review: Doctor Who: The Daleks

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Doctor Who: The Daleks

Street: 7.14

Technicolor has put together a two-disc set of all the best Dalek episodes from the most popular Doctor Who seasons—from Christopher Eccleston (ninth doctor) to the newest doctor Peter Capaldi (twelfth doctor). The first disc not only caters to all the hardcore Dalek Doctor Whovians, but also plays hard on the feels. Some of the most emotionally scarring episodes from the Doctor Who series are on this disc, from the kiss between Rose Tyler and doppelganger Matt Smith (eleventh doctor), to the introduction of my personal favorite companion, Amy Pond. While I did enjoy the Daleks, I can’t say that I’m obsessed with them; however, I loved this Dalek compilation because of the big moments that happen between the doctor and his companions. The second disk includes special features like Genesis of the Daleks and Dalek Origins. Genesis of the Daleks details the first major Dalek episode that took place during Tom Baker’s time (the fourth doctor), and features the full episode. Dalek Origins is a short documentary that features concept art, the creation of, and a detailed explanation of the Dalek’s and all of their gadgets. Even if you aren’t a Dalek obsessed Doctor Whovian, you should check this disc set out, but prepare your feels. –Nicole Stephenson