Review: Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Arrest

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Dog the Bounty Hunter: The Arrest

Street: 09.25

Dog is a real honest-t’-Christ red-blooded American, I tell you what! Runnin’ all over the world with a long blond mullet and a leather vest with no shirt underneath, bringing criminals to justice. Yes sir, he’s the baddest bail bondsmen this side of the Mississippi. THRILL at Dog’s heroic arrest of a rapist who skipped out on his bail in Mexico! GASP at Dog’s subsequent arrest for blatantly violating Mexican law! WEEP at the heart-wrenching trauma of Dog’s jail time! WONDER momentarily why it doesn’t occur to Dog that prison may be too harsh a sentence for people who just want to get high, and then REALIZE that it’s because Dog is so clearly doing the Lord’s work! Freedom isn’t free! Don’t tread on Dog! -Jona Gerlach