Review: Greg The Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies

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Greg The Bunny: Best of the Film Parodies
Spencer Chinoy
IFC/Shout! Factory
Street: 10.24

Is the mere concept of foul-mouthed puppets funny? If you’ve ever seen Meet the Feebles, you know that it takes a few venereal diseases, a shit-eating fly and a gun-yielding hippo to lift that concept off the ground. When Greg the Bunny does film parodies, perhaps it’s believed that the novelty of puppets with funny voices reenacting Easy Rider is enough. The first few episodes seem to reflect that, but as the DVD goes on, it gets a lot better, and the truth is that if the wood-chipper scene from Fargo is to be recreated, these puppets are the ones to do it. – Jeff Guay