Review: Hollywood After Dark

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Hollywood After Dark
The Film Crew

Shout! Factory
Street: 07.10

For those who were saddened by the demise (yes, demise) of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and hoped that its off-kilter brand of DVD commentary would roam the earth again, hope some more. The Film Crew (what happened to a clever title?) is nothing more than MST 3000 but older and more strained in its brand of humor, like a sitcom with Delta Burke in it. The first 10 minutes sets up the premise that is eerily similar to that of MST 3000; a group of three dudes are supposed to watch bad movies and make witty banter about them. Instead of being trapped and forced to do it like in MST 3000, this is their actual job. The opening sequence is painful to watch while the rest of the film that they commentate on is full of jokes that don’t rely on ha-ha funny as much as name-checking to get a laugh. Laborious to get through and not nearly as funny as the robots on MST 3000 who were Mike Nelson’s bad-movie-watching companions, The Film Crew gets an F for F-STOP! -Erik Lopez