Review: I’m Keith Hernandez

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I’m Keith Hernandez
Rob Perri

Street: 01.07

Let me just get this out of the way first: Rob Perri is a genius. He has combined the likes of Being John Malcovich with 99 Tribulations to create a short, sweet and to the point look at, when T-shirts say the man, the legend, Keith Hernandez. Perri brings you into intimate and close contact with what it would be like if you were Keith Herandez, he masterfully uses news reel, clips and other Hernandez footage to make an obsessively wonderful portrait of America’s favorite mustached macho man, but also uses him as a vehicle to talk about how Hernandez has shaped, no I mean is, the 80s. Educational, humorous, thoroughly research and well-crafted, I’m Keith Hernandez is that breath of fresh air in documentaries that is a must-have and deserves to placed next to your copy of High School High. -Erik Lopez