Review: La Dolce Vita

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La Dolce Vita
Federico Fellini

Koch Lorber, Deluxe Collector’s Edition
Street: 11.08

If you don’t know La Dolce Vita already, you are in for a treat; La Dolce Vita roughly translated means “the Sweet Life.” In it, a young reporter goes through life with conflicting emotions, trying to reconcile his tabloid-reporter lifestyle with his enduring dream: to write real literature. Instead of accomplishing that task, he gets seduced by a Hollywood starlet and lets himself drop his dream to become duped into a life of lies, rumors and second-bests. The deluxe edition contains great packaging, three DVDs, postcards, a poster and a collector’s essay of 25 pages. If you don’t own the two-disc set, get this set now as it is an amazing movie priced incredibly well. If you already own the two-disc, don’t worry; there is not enough here to persuade you to buy this deluxe version. – Erik Lopez