Review: Bewitched: Seasons 5 & 6

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Bewitched: Seasons 5 & 6

Mill Creek Entertainment
Street: 03.17

I loved this as a kid, but watching this as an adult is a different, altogether terrifying experience. Samantha, Darrin, Endora and toddler Tabitha are back for all things domestic-suburban living, with a touch of the supernatural. I loved the costumes, the cars and the old Americana feel. However, I cringed every time Samantha had to ask Darrin permission to leave the house, when the men do “man things” and complain how all of their wives are “old nags,” and the moment when Darrin informs Samantha’s piano teacher that little Tabitha only wants to “grow up to be a housewife just like her Mommy.” It was a very different time, folks. What was more odd to me is that this was supposed to be a very progressive show for women at the time, yet whenever Darrin is concerned, she’s nothing more than a mouthy accessory, even when her powers save his ass. Fun fact: season five is the last of the Dick York episodes when he dropped out of his role as Darrin due to back problems. Season six starts the Dick Sargent episodes that bring the show into the ’70s, all with zero explanation in the narrative as to why Darrin is suddenly a very different person. Bewitched is great for a trip down memory lane—just don’t stay there too long. –Rachel Jensen