Review: One Piece: Collection No. 12

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One Piece: Collection No. 12

Street: 04.21

I will wholeheartedly admit that this set of episodes had me bawling like a big baby. If Robin’s heartbreaking backstory doesn’t rip your heart out, then Luffy’s devotion to protecting her in the next episode will—unless you’re a robot or something. This collection of One Piece has got to be one of my favorites by far. Aside from all of the wonderful backstories and flashbacks that you get about Robin and also Luffy, there are a ton of epic battles and fights in this collection. Luffy and his gang fight the infamous CP9, and Chopper finally fully transforms, which is something I feel we have been waiting for far too long. Overall, this set of episodes features some intense battles, fight scenes and incredible character development. You learn a lot about Luffy’s childhood and why he fights so hard to become King of the Pirates. My only real complaint with this collection is the amount of random filler that the first 2 discs have—I really don’t need recap on an episode I just watched. Otherwise, the last few discs are action-packed and impossible to stop watching. If you haven’t already gotten into One Piece, you are truly missing out on a fantastic anime. –Nicole Stephenson