Thank You a Lot
SXSW Film Festival
Director: Matt Muir
Texan director Matt Muir’s Thank You a Lot is the sort of film you find yourself watching late at night in a hotel room in the middle of Idaho or Nevada. For some reason, you never manage to change the channel. The film is a parade of cliches, the most intriguing of these is James Hand-a failed, obscure cousin of Johnny Cash who’s lost his wife to his best friend. Hand Junior-Jack-who works as an agent at a large music firm, is charged with wooing his estranged dad back into the fold of the evil record company. It’s that or risk losing his job, and with it the chance to spend more time rushing around smoking American Spirits while coddling his clients, an anonymous rapper and an even more generic hipster band whose drummer’s leaving for grad school. What a snooze! I hope for the sake of my colleagues who are actually visiting the festival that SXSW and Austin aren’t as boring as this feature-length commercial for both makes them out to be. -Samuel Hanson

SXSW Screenings:

Saturday, March 15 – 11:00AM – 12:25PM @ Vimeo Theater
Sunday, March 9 – 9:30PM – 10:55PM @ SXSatellite: Marchesa