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Teton Gravity Research: Winterland

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Produced by Teton Gravity Research

When the leaves start to roll out in the fall, so do all of the people who reside in their favorite mountain town communities for the winter. The snow enthusiasts and big mountain howlers of our time came together to kickstart their powder hearts and celebrate the feeling of putting on your boots for the first time this season by getting inspired through a good ol’ fashioned ski movie premiere.

Teton Gravity Research’s new film Winterland is the perfect way to encompass that feeling and took us on a journey with 23 of the world’s best riders with booming personalities and hailing from a variety culture. The TGR filmmakers charted their travels across the globe through Austria, Norway, British Columbia and, of course, Alaska. The featured skiers and snowboarders push the limits of self and nature, creating an adrenaline rush for not only themselves, but viewers as well, and a forward-thinking state of mind we all cherish—our love of winter.

Between heli lines and steep spines, Winterland provides a variety of riding. The footage ranges from from edgy urban moves finessed with style to breath-taking big mountain spines mostly accessible by helicopter that we all fantasize of. We do get our fix of serious touring and snow camping segments, where riders put in as much soul as they do physical energy, showing us what it takes to tour up and lay down some of the most scenic zones around. More local resort riding, such as in shots from Jackson Hole Resort, is also recognized, showing off riders that our own beautiful backyard terrain has produced—some of the best featured in the film—punching through pillows.

Time will only tell as to when the snow will start falling and we can all live our own Winterland. Still, watching this year’s Teton Gravity Research film will have you waxing whatever it is that brings you joy and praying to Ullr that the snow comes sooner than later. Head to the film’s official website for more information on future screenings and availability. –Zach Lambros

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