Review: The Best of Vol. 2 The Kids in the Hall

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The Best of Vol. 2
The Kids in the Hall

Street: 07.31

Kids in the Hall was a popular comedy troupe in the mid-90s that brought Canadian humor to the states, relying heavily on satire, monologues and a liberal dosing of absurd situations. Like Vol. 1, Vol. 2 showcases the best of the best of a show whose stars went on to TV projects like NewsRadio and SNL (coincidentally, Lorne Michaels also produced the Kids in the Hall television show). If you have ever met a Canadian, talked for a minute or two and have gotten friendly, then you know how odd their humor is; they are oblivious to the subtler uses of irony, kind of like an old-fashioned farmer. This doesn’t hurt Canada’s comedic reputation, Canadians ruin Canada’s comedic reputation. This is for fans of The State, Stella and really good open-mic amateur comedy nights. -Erik Lopez