Review: The New Technology of War

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The New Technology of War
Popular Mechanics

Street: 09.11

Produced by the folks at Popular Mechanics magazine, The New Technology of War is a terrifyingly interesting look into the future of warfare on planet Earth. The documentary focuses explicitly on recent advancements in science and technology and the ways in which they are altering military combat. Split up into five segments (“Ground Forces,” “Air Power,” “Sea Power,” “Counter Terrorism” and “The Future of War”), this series is filled with computer animation and live-action demonstrations of how the U.S. is contributing to the ongoing arms race. Shit like robotic ground troops and unmanned aerial vehicles are very literally turning the battlefield into a video game. Military experts throughout the documentary stress the importance of mobility. In comes the EFV (Expeditionary Fight Vehicle), which is an amphibious assault tank that can maneuver both water and land, all while transporting about 10 Navy Seals. These bitches can get up to about 45 mph on land and about 40kn on water. Apparently, we are only a few short years away from total MEGAZORD warfare. -Michael DeJohn