Review: This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore vol. 2

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This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore vol. 2

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TAYMH= Solid State Bands + Ferret Bands + Boring Spazzy metalcore

If you are dyed in the wool fan of Solid State Records or Ferret Records this may be the release for you. The only enjoyment I can see anyone getting out of this abomination of video collaboration would come if they had the poor judgement to think that the bands on this DVD (Scarlet, Heavy Heavy Low Low, Chariot, Twelve Gauge Valentine, Secret Lives of Freemasons, etc.) are actually great hardcore bands. News flash: they’re not. Every song on this thing sounds almost exactly alike, even all of the bands look almost exactly alike. This would be a good time capsule piece for someone to look back on and say “what were crappy pretty boy spazz metalcore bands like in 2006?” Well: they have shaggy hair, tight pants, cut off shirts, and they spend more time on guitar antics than actually playing good songs. You can’t really hear the songs since the recording is just horrible, you basically get vocals and snare on the tracks, this looks like the work of a high school TV Productions class. I’d gauge the median age of audience members to be 16 – these bands were the popular thing for the kids in high school to do. I doubt any of them will turn up at a show 4 years from now. The title of the DVD implies that it’s something original, but I’d rather be listening to my mom’s hardcore, that would put it right around the time Minor Threat, Bad Brains, and Black Flag were releasing material. Go buy one of their DVDs kid. -Peter Fryer